Let's talk bunnies.

We’ve been busy fostering rabbits! Meet Quince—the latest addition to our makeshift bunny halfway house. Just a baby, this Lionhead will have no problem being snatched up if his glamor shot is anything to go by.

New Year, New City, New Watch!

So it’s been a while…

A new city, a new job, and new people have been keeping me happily busy. Every time I think I’ve gained a grasp on this relatively big city, I find something new and I’m delightfully distracted all over again. But being a fickle soul, anything new is always far more exciting than the familiar. So while I might feel lost here at times, it’s always an exciting sort of lost.


Throwback to when snowstorms were a regular part of life! This was a challenging shoot, but as the old saying goes – one must shiver for their art :).


Do you ever have one of those days where you have the freedom to just get lost? A kind of freedom afforded only by that fact that you have no plans and no obligations; just an autonomy to let the day take you on a journey.

A Wooded Wonderland

Growing up in London, relishing in all that mother nature had to offer was a relatively rare experience. Of course there was the obligatory visit to Hyde Park in the summer (or London Fields for the east-London folk),  but a three hour commute to work each day did not leave much for outdoor frolicking.